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Create Windows PE bootable disc using Win10XPE

Create Windows PE bootable disc using Win10XPE

  1. You will need to download the blow 2 things before you begin.

I am using a Windows 10 Version 1903 for Windows 10 ISO download.

  • Once the Windows 10 ISO is downloaded, right click and Select Mount

  • It will create another drive once mounted.

2. Double click WIN10XPE Project that you have downloaded to run WinBuilder.

  • Under Win10XPE, select the drive that you have just mounted.

  • Under Choose Image, I select Windows 10 Pro.

3. On the Left panel, you can select the option that you want to include or exclude. The options are all apps that are included in the custom Windows PE rescue disc.

4. Build Core setting

  • Build Core setting let you set options such as keyboard language and format, desktop background, network, power build options etc.
  • Change the WinPE cache size to a larger will result in a faster WinPE recovery disc but if you intended to use your recovery disc on other systems, it is advisable to keep it at 1024 MB.

  • Selecting the Microsoft .NetFx4 and Network Drivers will enable you to have WI-Fi access.

5. Add custom app to your WinPE recovery disc

  • Check the box Add Your Custom Folder
  • Click Open Custom Folder
  • Download the portable app to this folder
  • You can check out Portable App

6. Download your WinPE recovery disc.

  • Click the Play button

  • If it prompt to download files during the ISO creations creation process, accept the download and continue.
  • The ISO file is created in the subfolder Win10XPE of the folder where you download WINXPE app.

  • Use Rufus app to burn this ISO to your thumb drive.
  • Select the ISO file that you have just created and click Start.

  • You can download Rufus app here.