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Find Your Google Activity Controls and Stop Tracking in Chrome and Youtube

Find Your Google Activity Controls and Stop Tracking in Chrome and Youtube

If you prefer that Google not keep a log of everything they do, you can toggle the following: Chrome and Google App activity, location history, device information including calendar and contacts, Google Assistant voice commands, YouTube search history and YouTube watch history.

Here’s how to customize your Google Activity Settings:

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. Click Manage your Google account

3. Click Data & personalization

4. Under Activity controls, select manage your activity controls.

5. Under Manage your activity controls you will see the below 4 settings.

  • Web & App Activity
  • Location History
  • YouTube History
  • Ad personalization

6. Web & App Activity – Toggle to switch on or off. Click MANAGE ACTIVITY to edit more Chrome activity setting.

7. Under MANAGE ACTIVITY you can delete Chrome browsing history or set the duration for deletion.

8. In Delete activity by, you can select All time to delete all browsing history.

9. In Keep activity for, you can keep activity for a prefix period of time.

10. Location History – Toggle to disable location tracking.

11. In MANAGE ACTIVITY, you can select the date and view the locations that you have been to.

12. YouTube History – You can pause to stop caching your YouTube search and watched YouTube videos.

13. In MANAGE ACTIVITY, you can choose when to choose when to delete YouTube cache in Delete activity by. In Keep activity for, you can delete Youtube cache on a prefix period of time.

14. Ad personalization – Ads are based on personal info you’ve added to your Google Account. You can disable Ad personalization in Go to Ad Settings.

15. Toggle to switch off Ad personalization.

On Android Device (Oppo A73, Android 7.1.1)

  1. On your Android, go to Settings.

2. Select Google.

3. Select your Google account.

4. Select Data & personalisation.

5. Under Activity controls, select Manage your activity controls and toggle the various controls on or off.